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A Bit About Me

Hey there! I’m Caty and I’m 21 years old.

I was born in the UK and moved to the south of Spain when I turned 2.

I attended highschool in Marbella, completed the IB (an A level equivalent) at Sotogrande International School, and then moved to Manchester for 3 years and graduated with an Undergraduate Psychology Degree. 

They say university is all about getting to know who you are, and they were absolutely right! I realised early on in my first year that psychology just wasn’t for me (somehow I stuck to it for 3 years, don’t even ask me how…), but there begun my hunt for the next career path.

Thankfully, digital marketing fell right into my lap (not literally of course).

Raised and based in Marbella, Spain.

Our innovative solutions are designed to address the unique needs of our clients and drive success.

Studied a BSc Psychology Degree in Manchester

We take a personalized approach to ensure that every individual receives tailored support and guidance.

5 years of Digital Marketing experience

Our team is dedicated to providing superior customer service and ensuring complete satisfaction.

How I Got Into Digital Marketing


In 2020 I began with social media and found a great interest in social media managing and took that up for a little while. .


As much as I enjoyed it, I felt like something was missing. I wanted more of a challenge (not that social media isn’t challenging in itself, I just lacked enthusiasm for it).


In 2022 began my interest in SEO. My dad runs a digital marketing agency, so I have literally grown up around SEO.


I found myself intrigued whenever my dad would start talking about his business and how it worked, so I took it upon myself to research SEO and found I had a deep interest in it.


Fast forward two years later and I have set up my own SEO agency!

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